What We Learned from the Bourbon Focus Group

Focus Group 1Over the weekend, we took the new bourbon kit out for a test drive. We ran 12 whiskey drinkers of various ages (median: 29) through the two-hour Introduction to Bourbon training. The result varied from what you’d expect (“More bourbon samples!!!”) to the encouraging (of 11 people who have visited a distillery, 10 would recommend the bourbon training to friends) to the odd (why do half the bourbon drinkers in the group list martinis as their drink of choice when they’re feeling “fancy”?).

The session was a lot of fun, and we’re tearing into the presentation to give it stronger internal logic and make a more solid connection between specific aromas and specific bourbons. We’re going to get the whole thing really nice and tight before we launch in December.

Oh, and for the first few sessions, we’re going to cut our rates a lot, so if you have a holiday party you have to plan…