Training in Chicago

Almost all of what people perceive as flavor is, in fact, aroma. You can attend all the “tastings” you want, but unless you’ve thoroughly trained your sense of smell, you’re never going to be able to accurately analyze what’s in your glass.

Sophisticated, discerning consumers are remaking the drinks industry, demanding products stretching far beyond the ordinary. We train passionate American drinks professionals to identify and articulate the special qualities of the spirits and wine they offer. The result is an improved customer experience and a boost in per-ticket revenue — as well as enhanced personal appreciation of the craft of producing compelling drinks.

Aroma Academy familiarizes you with the elemental aromas that combine into complex, fine wine and spirits. Developed in Scotland and used to train thousands of mixologists, distributors, servers, and retailers around the world, Aroma Academy US brings the training stateside. We introduce whiskey aromas one-by-one so you can identify them the way you can pick a familiar face out of a crowd.

We’re based at the heart of the American whiskey trade, in Louisville, Kentucky. We hold exclusive rights to the Aroma Academy methods and materials in Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Tennessee and Kentucky. Our offering is based on the belief that today’s better, more distinct products demand more from the people who sell and serve them.

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