We’ve Lowered Our Prices on (Nearly) All of Our Home Aroma Training Kits

Geeky JIn an effort to bring the joys of intelligent sniffing to more people, the Aroma Academy US has dropped prices on its Bourbon, Scotch and Irish, and gin home study kits 25%. The 24 aroma training can now be had for under $150.

In addition, we’ve added two introductory, 12 aroma kits for less than $100. Those kits cover Scotch and Irish whiskies and wine. This compares with the $120 charged by Nez de Vin for their 12 aroma introductory kits.

Aroma Academy has trained thousands of drinks professionals how to effectively assess the aromas of fine wines and spirits. Instead of breaking down the complicated nose of a fine spirit or wine, our program uses purified aromatics essences to introduce individual aromas. Our professional training courses have received extraordinarily high praise from participants.

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