Sniffing Gin in St. Louis

Every year, Natasha “The Gin Girl” Bahrami hosts St. Louis Gin Fest, an event where the participants’ joy is tinged with juniper. This year, Aroma Academy US will lead a Gin Fest seminar on the aromas of gin.

If there’s a spirit with a broader stylistic range than gin, we’d like to smell it. There are literally hundreds of new gins hitting the market, most produced by craft distilleries driven to be different. The creativity is as inspiring as the aromas are surprising. We’re going to cram as much into our allotted time as possible, but count on this: we’ll take a deep dive into Citadelle, a French gin that traces its roots back to the 18th Century.

We’ll be in Natasha’s Gin Room in St. Louis May 21 at three o’clock. We’ll be armed with 24 distinct aromas from gin. We’ll take a deep dive into Citadelle, a French gin produced by one the leading distillers of fine Cognac.

If you’re in the neighborhood, tickets to Gin Fest can be had here. If you’re not, you can buy one of our home study kits here.