OK, It’s Only Sort of Pappy Van Winkle, but Still…

Glass Cropped 250With lines forming for the new Pappy release and bottles hiding beneath counters for most-favored customers, we thought we’d point something out: We can recreate the nose of Pappy using our aroma strips.

We know: it’s not the same thing. But it’s kind of cool anyway.

Here’s the recipe: dip two vanilla strips and one each of oak, leather, brown spice, maple, and the earthy aroma. Some would argue there needs to be a floral element, too, so go wild — though maybe not dip the strip all the way into the floral essence. Half-a-dip will do.

Let the strips air out for a few seconds so the alcohol evaporates, and then wave them a few inches beneath your nose. Inhale short, sharp breaths.

There it is, the essence of Pappy without any of the fun. And the downside is the aromas will get your mouth watering, but there’s no actual Pappy to drink.

What a shame.