New Bourbon Training Gets Rave Review

Bar 145 ExteriorWe premiered our new Bourbon training a few weeks ago in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. We ran the Bar 145 crew through the introductory course, and then provided some aromatic insight during a Bourbon dinner a couple of weeks later.

Here’s what Shelby Minnix, their beverage manager, had to say:

As a bartender and beverage manager, education of my staff is priority. With over 70 Whiskeys on our shelf, it is critical for the bartenders and servers to not only be knowledgeable of them, but to be able to introduce and describe them to our guests. By having the Aroma Academy implement their training program at Bar145, our staff members have become more confident with our products and our new guests become loyal patrons.

Consumers of high end spirits and wine are continually being introduced to new products. Retailers, brand ambassadors, and bartenders are equally being challenged to differentiate these new products. The training Aroma Academy conducted with my staff bridged the gap between taste and aromatics, providing a common vocabulary that is understandable by both casual consumers and connoisseurs. Individuals within the beverage industry that are able to educate and direct consumers to products they are seeking create customer loyalty to their establishment.

We blush.