Is There Irish Poetry in the Scent of Fine Whiskey?

Jameson Glass 400The good people at Jameson have put together a nice little piece of branded content showing how to experience their whiskey. From Pouring to Sipping: A Guide to Whiskey Tasting is an excellent primer featuring this accurate description of how people experience aroma:

 Often, recreational whiskey tasters describe the nose in terms of a memory or a metaphor: the hayloft in a barn, for example, or a summer night by a campfire…Part of the joy of participating in a whiskey tasting is finding creative new ways to describe what you’re experiencing, so it’s okay to let your inner creative writing major run wild.

While aroma is certainly evocative, and we all have those amazing moments when a combination of scents wafting out of a glass makes vivid a long-lost memory, poetics is not what we do.

Aroma Academy attaches specific vocabulary to distinct, individual aromas. Doing that doesn’t limit anyone ability to wax poetic. It just enables working drinks professionals to precisely identify and describe a fine beverage.

Poetry after that.