As part of its commitment to advancing the careers of its members, the U.S. Bartender’s Guild Indianapolis chapter is hosting Aroma Academy’s full-day training in whiskey aromatics.

Aroma Academy has trained thousands of mixologists, servers, retailers, and distributors around the world in the aromatics of fine spirits and wine. For the first time, this training is available in Indiana. 

Kim Lahiri, Aroma Academy’s head of training in Europe, will guide the class, which is limited to 40 people. Participants will learn how to identify and articulate the aromas that combine into the nose of fine Bourbon, Scotch, and Irish whiskeys. Those aromas make up 95% of what is perceived as flavor.

No matter how many tastings you’ve attended, until you’ve been trained to identify the aromas that combine into the nose of fine spirits, you’ll never fully understand what’s in the glass. 

We’ll start the day building understanding of how aromatics works: how humans perceive smell; how differences in production techniques, environment, and tradition influence the spirit’s nose; and how an individual’s subjective olfactory experience can be translated into a common language understandable to all.

When the class is done, attendees will have a much deeper understanding of how a whiskey (or whisky) will be perceived both on its own and in the context of a cocktail. 

The USBG and its sponsors are deeply discounting the training for members. Members of USBG-Indianapolis can reserve space here.

Remember, seating is very limited, so sign up now.