Cuban Rum is On It’s Way

Calvin Coolidge 400While there is no firm timetable for the opening of trade between the U.S. and Cuba, President Obama is on a rum run to Havana, so we’ve asked him to bring back some samples.

While he’s gone, we’ll look back on the the last visit to Cuba by an American President, Calvin Coolidge. Prohibition was the law of the land in the US, and when Silent Cal and his press entourage landed in Havana, everyone went, basically, nuts. Here’s an account from a journalist traveling with the President:

“Pretty much everyone in the presidential party, except the highest officials, hit the hot streets of Havana, and enjoyed their first legal drinks in years. The Cuban government sent some police officials to make sure the Americans had a good time. Quite a party of us trooped off with them to see the sights, not all of which were culturally elevating.”

When the trip was over, the press corps took advantage of the President’s customs-free re-entry into the US by smuggling hundreds of bottles of Cuban rum.