Chicago gets first crack at Aroma Academy training that has enhanced the careers of thousands of drinks professionals in Europe and the Far East. This training has been offered nowhere else in North America. 

We’re doing a special, one-day overview of the world’s great whiskeys led by Kim Lahiri, the head of Aroma Academy’s training in the United Kingdom. You’ll learn to identify and articulate the aromas that combine into the nose of fine Bourbon, Scotch, and Irish whiskeys. 

No matter how many tastings you’ve attended, until you’ve been trained to identify the aromas that combine into the nose of fine spirits, you’ll never fully understand what’s in the glass. Those aromas make up 95% of what is perceived as flavor.

We’ll start the day building your understanding of how aromatics works: how humans perceive smell; how differences in production techniques, environment, and tradition influence the spirit’s nose; and how an individual’s subjective olfactory experience can be translated into a common language understandable to all.

When you’re done, you’ll have a much deeper understanding of how a whiskey (or whisky) will be perceived both on its own and in the context of a cocktail. 

Join us Monday, February 22, at The Chicago Distilling Company. Seating is limited. Lunch will be served.

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