Bombay Sapphire’s Gin Aroma Kit

bombay_sapphire_martini_tnA while back, Aroma Academy produced a customized aroma kit that Bombay Sapphire used to illustrate the difference between their gin and everyone else’s. Hunting around the web, we came across this account of an encounter with the kit in the real world (emphasis added):

The ‘Kit’ billed as ‘Your route to expertise in Gin’ comprises 24 different aromas associated with the spirit – and most intriguingly isolates four different juniper types: Juniper with the pine note emphasised; with the green note emphasised, with the herbaceous-waxy note emphasised and with the woody resinous note. As juniper is the backbone and always present in gin – this is something of a breakthrough. The Kit reinforces the importance of that other key botanical namely coriander – it’s particularly noted in Bombay Sapphire, which was a deliberate attempt at the time to move away from the juniper-heavy aromas which dominated the gin scene in the 70s and early 80s.

So there it is: complexity simplified for the sake of understanding. It’s what we do. The coriander that might get lost beneath the “juniper backbone” is highlighted by Aroma Academy’s kit. Product differentiation accomplished!

Gin kit here.