Bourbon Aromatics, Demonstrated

Garter Flask Cropped 400There are 24 key aromas to be found in fine Bourbon. Our self-study kit introduces them to you one at a time. We give you a precise vocabulary to describe what you’re smelling. And when you’re done, you’ll be able to pick those individual aromas out of a complex whiskey the way you pick a familiar face out of a crowd.

Aroma Academy has trained thousands of drinks professionals in Great Britain and other countries. We’ve produced tutorials in Irish and Scotch whisky, in gin, in red and white wine. Now that Bourbon has taken its rightful place among the world’s fine spirits, we’ve developed a program for America’s definitive whiskey.

As a method of personal improvement or a good excuse to invite friends over for a night of memorable Bourbon, our Aroma Academy training kit is unmatched. There’s nothing like it. 

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