The Training

The Aroma Academy teaches professionals how to “nose” fine spirits and wines.

We offer three levels of training, culminating in a broad certification in the aromatics of fine drinks. This training is offered to individuals and can be customized as a part of an organization’s drinks training program.

2 Hour Introduction
Focused on a single spirit, this introduces the techniques of aroma training and awareness and familiarizes participants with the five aroma families on the aroma wheel. (For whiskey: grain, sweetness, spice, fruit & floral, and wood.) As staff training, it lays the foundation of a successful cocktails program. As a promotion, it’s fun and social, moving customers toward higher-priced brands by increasing their ability to discern quality.

Single Day, Single Spirit
A deep dive into the aromatics of a specific spirit category: Scotch and Irish whisky, gin, Bourbon, or wine. At the end of the day, participants thoroughly understand the most common styles and expressions of the category, along with the aroma profiles of the most popular brands.

Masters Training
Multi-session course across all drinks categories, with a certification from Aroma Academy that you have completed the training and passed an oral exam. (Don’t expect it to be easy just because it’s oral instead of written. We believe those we certify should be able to talk clearly about fine drinks, because no customer ever asked to have his questions answered in writing. ) Sections cover Bourbon, Scotch and Irish whiskies; gin; rum; wine; and craft beer. And as we add more modules after you’ve completed your certification, you can continue your education at a bargain price.